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Migraine Headaches

Suffering from Migraines?

Did you know that many people suffer from migraines needlessly?  For many people migraines interfere with work, sports, vacations, and other plans. The truth about migraines is that in many cases they are easy to manage. Without chiropractic care, most people have to medicate with strong prescription pain medication. Some even have to take daily preventative medication and even still sometimes have to miss something very important because they still can’t function….either because of the migraine itself or because of the effects of the medication.

We focus on the cause of the migraine headache and in many cases the cause is spastic muscles in the neck where your neck meets your skull. When these muscles get spastic they can choke off the rear sinus drain and cause a “back pressure” in the skull which feels to you like a migraine. Once we relieve the muscles then we gently align the vertebrae and the headache resolves. Come see us for your next migraine and let us show you what we can do to help you manage your migraines!

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