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Our chiropractors are experienced, professional and get results. Whether you are struggling with migraines, neck pain from an accident or stiffness due to a desk job, we are here to give you relief. Call us today!

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Car Accidents

If you have been in a car accident, the effects on your neck and back an be catastrophic. Some of the symptoms you may experience post-accident are: headaches, migraines, back pain, nerve damage, whiplash, neck pain, muscular pain, spinal injury and much more. We are here to help! Ramby Chiropractic located in Humble and Huffman has over 15 years of successful pain management recovery success for our patients

Migraine Headaches

Chiropractic treatments have been shown to help reduce the severity and frequency of migraine attacks. Wondering how an adjustment can help a headache? Your spine protects your nervous system which starts with the brain and becomes the spinal cord. When the vertebrae in your neck are unable to move properly, it irritates or puts pressure on the nerves in that area, which can lead to headaches or migraines. To correct this problem a chiropractor gently adjusts the vertebrae. Since most headaches are caused by subluxations,adjustments can fully alleviate the problem.

Stiff Neck

Many people experience stiffness in their necks, especially those who work on the computer for the majority of each day. Muscle strain or tension can keep your vertebrae from moving the way they are supposed to, which can put pressure on the nerves. This can cause shoulder pain, pain in the arms and even headaches. A chiropractic adjustment can relive the tension and relieve the negative side effects.

Ramby Chiropractic Clinic is as real as it gets. He is a great doctor and family man who will do all in his power to make you feel better. I will go to no other but him. He will guide you in all the right directions to help you to recovery. A very caring Dr. and staff that when you walk out of there feeling like someone really cares and is there to help. You can tell he loves what he does. If anyone has any pain this is your best bet. You will be very happy you chose this clinic…..BELIEVE ME!!!! – Chassity P.

I have never believed in the business of chiropractors but my wife used to suffer from severe pains all over her right arm and after going to so many, different Doctors and we do mean many we decided to go to a chiropractor and it was Dr. Ramby. Once was enough. After just one visit, I saw how my wife’s pain alleviated by about 70% and was amazed. This was about a year ago. I have been a constant visitor to his office and my wife and I go every month. I love going to my Chiropractor in Humble Tx. – Luis R.


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Dr. Ramby graduated from Texas Chiropractic College  in the year of 1996. Following the path of his Father, Dr. David Ramby, who was also a local Houston area Chiropractor as well. Growing up, Dr. Ramby learned the benefits of Chiropractic medicine first hand.


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